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Top Cited Article Award

The "Top Cited Article Award" is an honor given to an academic paper or research article that has received a significant number of citations from other researchers in the field. Citations are references made by other scholars to a particular article in their own research papers, indicating that the article has been influential and has contributed to the advancement of knowledge in that specific field. Wiley Publisher, like many other academic publishers, periodically recognizes articles that have received a large number of citations with awards such as the "Top Cited Article Award." Receiving this award is a notable achievement for the author(s) of the article as it reflects the impact and importance of their research within the academic community.

In 2021, Prof. Dr. Ali Raza was again awarded the "Top Cited Article Award" in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management by Wiley Publisher. Such recognition is a testament to the quality and impact of his research in the area. It shows that his work has significantly contributed to the field and has been acclaimed by fellow researchers and scholars. His innovative research has not only advanced the knowledge within the field but has also provided valuable insights for policymakers and practitioners seeking to promote sustainable practices in business and environmental stewardship.

Top Cited Article Award
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