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Green Entrepreneurship and Green Finance Practices: Avenue for Sustainable Business Startups in Asia


Emerald Publishing


Prof. Dr. Syed Ali Raza, Dr. Muhammad Ali, Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Tunio, Prof. Dr. Chin-Hong Puah

Closing Date for Submission: January 01, 2023

Environment sustainability is capturing the attention of world scholars to address environmental issues and facilitate transition into a low carbon economy. However, to achieve sustainable development and gain a competitive advantage in the business world, it’s time to adapt patterns to “go green.” The concept includes green finance, digitalization to social finance, stock markets, encouraging green entrepreneurship activities, governance, and theories of change.

This concept of adopting green patterns opens new dimensions of thinking, such as green finance and green entrepreneurship have become famous in the recent era. The importance of green businesses is increasing in Asian countries as well, and the governments in such countries are also taking initiatives and introducing policies to mainstream sustainable approaches to production and consumption. Considering Asian countries, China has implemented a “New Infrastructure” to increase green growth, invested $2.6 trillion in renewable energy from 2010-2019, and introduced five-year economic plans focusing on technology and innovation. However, Southeast Asia is far behind, and no ASEAN nation is among the top 40 in the attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ranking. These regions face multiple challenges, among which diminishing resources are one of them.

Therefore, the main focus of these countries is on opportunity recognition and advancements in financial products and business solutions, but this cannot be achieved only by green finance; the young green entrepreneurs can act as a driver of change. The young green entrepreneurs can address environmental challenges, create new solutions, and act as a source of motivation for others and a driver for sustainable growth. Moreover, entrepreneurship initiated on sustainable production and consumption can help better manage resources resulting in economic growth. From this point of view, encouraging green startups will act as an opportunity to promote innovation and improve the economy and environment. However, the flourishment of green entrepreneurs requires infrastructure and finance. Thus, in this book, we focus on critical issues such as the role of green financing in green entrepreneurship in Asian Countries and look for the mechanisms that can help in ideas generation and successful Green Startups.

This book aims to call the attention of the established scholars and emerging researchers to contribute to the literature on green entrepreneurship and green finance by indicating different approaches, proposing novel solutions for the green business, and providing implications for the theory and practice. This book will be useful for social scientists, students, academicians, academic institutions, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

Discipline, Sub Discipline, And Keywords

Finance, Economics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Supply chain, Technology, Psychology, and Sociology.

Subject / Topic Description/ Themes

  • Green Entrepreneurship & Behavior
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Green Innovation and Technologies
  • Green Products
  • Green Consumption
  • Green Marketing
  • Green Economy & Growth
  • Green Markets
  • Green Business Network
  • Green Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)
  • Green Tourism
  • Green Business Venture
  • Green Bonds
  • Green Banking
  • Green Behavior and CSR
  • Barriers and Challenges in Green Concept Implementation

Submissions Information

Book chapter manuscripts can be submitted to corresponding Editor Dr. Muhammad Ali through email at [email protected].


The details of all Editors are mentioned below:

Prof. Dr. Syed Ali Raza

Iqra University, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Ali

UCSI University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Tunio

Greenwich University, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Chin-Hong Puah

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Kuching, Malaysia

Key Deadlines

Chapter Submission Deadline: January 01, 2023

Expected Publication: Second Quarter of 2023

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