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Acceptance of e-book reading among higher education students in a developing country: the modified diffusion innovation theory

International Journal of Business Information Systems

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This study explores the students' intention towards the e-book adoption in Pakistan by using the modified diffusion innovation theory. Student attitude, awareness, perceived innovation characteristics (PIC) are taken as independent variables; actual usage is taken as a dependent variable, whereas intention plays the role of the mediator in the relationship. The data is collected through five-point Likert questionnaire from 620 university students. The confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), partial least square structure equation modelling (PLS-SEM) has been applied. The results show that compatibility, complexity, observability, trialability, attitude and awareness has a significant positive effect on behavioural intention, whereas, relative advantage has an insignificant effect on behavioural intention. Moreover, behavioural intention creates a significant positive effect on actual usage. This study will be useful in understanding the factors associated with the adoption of e-book reading. This work will help the managers to understand the role of PIC in adoption of new product or technology.


e-book reading; modified innovation diffusion theory; actual usage; Pakistan.

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