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Do CSR activities increase organizational citizenship behavior among employees? Mediating role of affective commitment and job satisfaction

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management

Indexing : Impact factor: 4.542, Scopus Q1, ABS, ABDC

When employees do work by “going beyond” or by “giving their all.” They look at their job as more than just a paycheck and eager to do all they can to make their work environment more effective, though such actions are not associated with their job descriptions. Such behaviors are sometimes because of the personality of an individual, but sometimes organizations boost such behaviors by providing a peaceful environment. Thus, this research is conducted to examine the effects of employees' corporate social responsibility perception on their affective commitment, job satisfaction, considering both intrinsic and extrinsic, and organizational citizenship behavior. The survey was conducted to test the variables from employees' perspectives in the organizations of Pakistan. The findings reveal that employees' CSR perception has a positive and significant association with organizational citizenship behavior. Moreover, employees' CSR perception depicts similar results, that is, positive and significant with affective commitment and intrinsic job satisfaction, but there is a negative association with extrinsic job satisfaction. Furthermore, findings reveal that affective commitment and intrinsic job satisfaction portray a positive and significant association with organizational citizenship behavior. In contrast, extrinsic job satisfaction has a negative relationship with organizational citizenship behavior. Lastly, mediation analyses depict that all variables, that is, affective commitment, intrinsic, and extrinsic job satisfaction partially mediates the association between employees' CSR perception and organizational citizenship behavior.


affective commitment, corporate social responsibility, extrinsic job satisfaction, intrinsic job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior

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