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Drivers of intensive Facebook usage among university students: An implications of U&G and TPB theories

Technology in Society

Indexing : Impact factor: 2.414, Scopus, ABDC

Facebook usage among university students is increasing day by day, a reflection of which is evident through the amount of time these students spend on using social networking sites. This study examines the drivers that cause intensive Facebook usage among university students in Pakistan by using a modified framework. The data was collected using the questionnaire comprised of items related to escape, ease of use, information-seeking, social influence or subjective norm, social relationships, career opportunities, education, attitude, perceived behavior control, and intensive Facebook usage. The data was collected from 280 university students by using the convenience sampling approach. The Partial Least Square Structured Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) technique was applied to analyze the data. The findings show that social influence, social relationships, perceived behavior control, attitude, and information-seeking have a positive and significant impact on Facebook usage among students. The study concluded that individuals are more driven to use Facebook to make their social circle strong, learn new ideas, and use it for information-seeking. This study provides useful insights to the managers and academicians.


U&G theoryTBP theoryFacebook usageUniversity studentsPLS-SEM

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