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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance through Cloud Computing Adoption

Journal of Education & Social Sciences

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Cloud computing is an emerging field that is revolutionizing the way we access and use computer infrastructure and services. This paper investigates how cloud computing adoption enhances the academic performance of the students through knowledge management practices and by using TAM as a theoretical base. For this purpose, the data was collected from 628 university students through an online questionnaire. This study uses SmartPLS software which is a powerful statistical tool used for the analysis of structural equation modeling, its data and model validation. The study explores the factors that affect cloud computing adoption in higher educational institutions. The findings indicate that knowledge application, knowledge storage, knowledge creativity and discovery and learnability have positive association with perceived usefulness and perceived ease-of-use. Moreover, perceived usefulness and perceived ease-of-use have positive and significant influence on cloud computing adoption which in turn, positively predicts the academic performance of the students. The findings offer educational institutions and cloud computing service providers with a better understanding to adapt cloud computing and suggests that educational institutions may promote the adoption of cloud computing in education to enhance the academic performance of the students.


Cloud computing; academic performance; knowledge management practices; TAM; Smart PLS, Pakistan.

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