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Impact of CSR and environmental triggers on employee green behavior: The mediating effect of employee well?being

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management

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This article explores the influence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and three green triggers of environment (awareness, concern, and knowledge) on employee well-being and green behavior. The study engages the stimulus–organism–response model for testing the association between CSR and well-being of employees that leads to employee green behavior. Furthermore, social exchange theory has been utilized to describe the association between well-being and green behavior of employees. Data have been gathered through questionnaire from 509 employees working in guest-service hotels of Pakistan. Structural equation modeling has been used to test the hypotheses. Findings show that CSR, environmental concern, and knowledge have positive effect on employee well-being, whereas environmental awareness has positive but insignificant effect on employee well-being. Furthermore, environmental concern, knowledge, and well-being have a positive influence on green behavior, whereas CSR and environmental knowledge have a positive but insignificant effect. Moreover, well-being fully mediates the relationship between CSR and green behavior and between environmental awareness and green behavior of employees. However, a partial mediation was observed between environmental concern and green behavior. The findings also indicate that no mediation was found between environmental knowledge and employee green behavior. The findings suggest that the hotel managers should invest to improve employee's awareness regarding green behavior by conducting environmental training for cultivating environmental knowledge and awareness. Moreover, CSR activities should be performed for attaining competitive edge and maintaining a balance between progress and sustainability of environment.


CSR, employee well-being, environmental awareness, environmental concern, environmental knowledge, green behavior, hotels, Pakistan

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