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Impact of personality traits and university green entrepreneurial support on students' green entrepreneurial intentions: the moderating role of environmental values

Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

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Purpose The earth needs to go green as it clarifies that humans should adopt a sustainable lifestyle that will be friendly to the environment and society. The emerging stream of academic literature on “go green” adds a new perspective to the deep-rooted conception of entrepreneurship. The objective of green entrepreneurship is to follow the traditional concepts of entrepreneurship but also brings the additional potential for society and the environment. The present paper is designed to study the impact of personality traits and university green entrepreneurial support on green entrepreneurial intentions along with the moderating role of environmental values. Design/methodology/approach The data are collected by using the survey method, and the five-point Likert scale is used for this purpose. The statistical techniques applied to the dataset were confirmatory factor analysis and partial least square structural equation modeling. Findings The results revealed that personality traits are positively and significantly associated with green entrepreneurial intention, but risk-averse students depict insignificant results towards green entrepreneurial intention. Also, university green entrepreneurial support results in positive green entrepreneurial intention. Environmental values also strengthen the association. Originality/value Previously, researchers emphasized the entrepreneurial intentions for the sake of improving the economy, decreasing unemployment and promoting small ventures, but none focused on the green aspects of entrepreneurship. To date, we still lack knowledge regarding students' green entrepreneurial intentions and how personality traits and green support affect the intention. The focus of the present study is to sustain nature and ecosystems through green entrepreneurship by providing directions and economic and noneconomic gains for investors, entrepreneurs, students, universities and societies.


green entrepreneurship; environment; university green support; higher education; Smart-PLS

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