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Impact of smartphone addiction on students’ academic achievement in higher education institute of Pakistan

Journal of Education & Social Sciences

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The present study investigates the role of smartphone usage, self-regulation, general selfefficacy and cyber loafing on university student's smartphone addiction and its impact on students' academic achievements. The data has been collected from 453 students of a private sector higher education institute of Pakistan through an online questionnaire. The results of the study indicated that both smartphone usage and cyber loafing positively and significantly affects smartphone addiction. The effect of self-regulation was negative but significant on smartphone addiction and cyber loafing. Moreover, the effect of general selfefficacy on cyber loafing was positive and significant. However, smartphone addiction has no significant effect on student's academic achievement. The findings conclude that smartphone addiction decreases academic performance of students as students lower their focus on academic learning and get addicted to smartphones for cyber loafing. Therefore, the universities should make policy regulations for students regarding the use of smartphones in the classroom. Also, students should be provided awareness about the negative impact of smartphone addiction on their personal and academic life, and also on their health through a variety of awareness seminars.


Smartphone addiction, smartphone usage, self-regulation, cyber loafing, academic achievement, general self-efficacy, university students.

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