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Internet Banking and Customer Satisfaction in Pakistan

Qualitative Research in Financial Markets

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Purpose – This study aims to determine the effects of service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction in Pakistan by using the SERVQUAL model. Design/methodology/approach – A survey research questionnaire of 30 items has been adopted, and the data of 400 respondents were collected from the users of Internet banking of different banks located in Karachi city of Pakistan. Findings – The reliability analysis shows that all dimensions are reliable. Results of the factor analysis confirm the grouping of adopted questioner. At last, the regression analysis indicates a significant positive relationship between assurance, tangibility, reliability and responsiveness with customer satisfaction. Conversely, empathy shows a positive but insignificant effect on the customer satisfaction. Practical implications – It is recommended that the management of online banks has to focus on making the design and content of the Web sites more visually appealing to grab the attention of existing customers, as well as to attract new customers. The management has to take effective measures to further enhance the security and safety of online bank accounts, so that customers can maintain long-term relationships with the usage of online banking. Online banks have to provide more reliable services to the customers at heart to make the customers more comfortable and confident. The management should develop more effective systems to quickly solve the issues of customers. Originality/value – This paper makes a unique contribution to the literature with reference to Pakistan, being a pioneering attempt to investigate the customer satisfaction in the banking industry of Pakistan by using a large sample and advance statistical techniques.


Pakistan, Customer satisfaction, SERVQUAL, Internet banking

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