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Internet banking service quality, e-customer satisfaction and loyalty: the modified e-SERVQUAL model

The TQM Journal

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Purpose This study explores the service quality dimensions in Internet banking and their impact on e-customer's satisfaction and e-customer's loyalty. This study tries to inspect the structural association between Internet banking service quality, electronic customer satisfaction and electronic customer loyalty based on separate constructs. Design/methodology/approach In this present research, quantitative approach is applied. The data is gathered from 500 bank clients in Pakistan by using structured questionnaires, and the theoretical model is tested by partial least square structured equation modeling (PLS-SEM). Moreover, convergent validity and discriminant validity were assessed. Findings Results show that all the dimensions are found to have a positive and significant influence on customer satisfaction while customer's satisfaction has a significant and positive impact on customer's loyalty. Findings indicate that service quality plays a very important role in every society, as it has become the basis for how customers interpret online banking and, in the end, how it interacts and operates with online services. Practical implications This research adds up considerably to the literature of bank marketing, and it is also fruitful for the academicians since it demonstrates the way Internet banking service quality determinants predict e-satisfaction of clients which ultimately raises the e-loyalty of clients. This study is useful for those E-retailers and managers who want to grab e-retailing market. Originality/value This research suggests a model which ultimately enhances customer loyalty towards Internet banking service quality through customer satisfaction in Pakistan. It involves modified model of E-SERVQUAL (user friendliness, efficiency of websites, personal need, and site organization) which connects it to electronic customer satisfaction and electronic customer loyalty. Therefore, it will assist the Internet banking sector in building effective marketing tactics, establishing long lasting relationships with clients and acquiring the competitive edge in the market.


Internet banking service quality, Customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty, SERVQUAL

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