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New challenges in mitigating climate change: Digital teaching for the sustainable development and innovation


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The phenomenon of climate change has become a global challenge that affects human activities in many ways. Exploring the sustainability and innovativeness of digital education is an important reference for the further implementation of science and education strategies and positive effects on climate change mitigation. This study designed two questionnaires for basic and tertiary education to address variability in education and collected 523 samples for basic education and 412 samples for tertiary education respectively. Using digital teaching practices and digital teaching quality as mediators, structural equation modelling (SEM) was used to examine the impact of digital education on sustainability and innovation in education. Research shows that digital teaching and learning in basic and higher education can significantly contribute to the two-way development of educational sustainability and innovation, through digital teaching and learning practices. Digital teaching practice and digital teaching quality in higher education play a complete mediating role, while basic education only plays a partial mediating role. Higher education emphasizes digital teaching and learning practice processes and teaching quality, and most students hope that online teaching and learning can be further integrated with offline education to form a new model of education. This study will help government departments understand the pedagogical reality of digital education at a deeper level and provide ideas for the subsequent sustainable development and educational innovation of digital teaching. It can also provide new ideas for climate change mitigation and sustainable development.


Climate change, Digital teaching, Educational innovation, Sustainable development

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