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Psychological distress among students of higher education due to e-learning crackup: moderating role of university support

Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

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Purpose: The emergence of electronic learning during the COVID-19 outbreak has been the way by which higher education has attempted to save the situation. However, e-learning still causes psychological distress because of its crackups and fear. Hence, the authors aim to study the impact of e-learning crackup on fear of academic year loss and psychological distress by incorporating university support as a moderator. Design/methodology/approach: Partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) has been used to analyze data. Findings: The results depict that e-learning crackup fosters students' fear of academic year loss, but e-learning crackup has an insignificant impact on psychological distress. However, psychological distress is driven by fear of an academic year loss. Lastly, university support moderates the relationship between e-learning crackup and psychological distress, but no moderating role exists between fear of academic year loss and psychological distress. Originality/value: The recent pandemic has severely affected the mental health of students. Therefore, it is crucial to study the reasons that foster distress among them. But, unfortunately, there is a prominent absence of research for inspecting students' psychological distress because of the e-learning crisis, especially in the wake of COVID-19.


E-learning, Psychological distress, COVID-19, Higher education, PLS-SEM

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