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The impact of student attitude, trust, subjective norms, motivation and rewards on knowledge sharing attitudes among university students

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning

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The aim of the study is to examine the Impact of Student Attitude, Trust, Subjective Norm, Motivation and Rewards on Knowledge Sharing Attitude among University Students. Theoretical model of the study is based on theory of reasoned action (TRA). Furthermore, the study based on four independent and one dependent variables. Data was gathered from 350 university students of Karachi. The research instrument contains close ended question. The result was summarised and data was interpreted with the help of Smart Partial Least Squares-SEM. The results of the study show that student attitude, trust, subjective norm, motivation and rewards have a significant positive impact on knowledge exchange behaviour between university students. On the basis of result, we can say that student attitude is not only the factors that have an impact on knowledge sharing behaviour of students but other elements also matter. Therefore, students need motivation, trust factor and perceived behaviour that lead the knowledge sharing attitude between them.


behaviour, knowledge sharing, confidence, TRA, theory of reasoned action, mutual understanding

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