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Whether Organizational Citizenship Behavior is triggered by Employee CSR Perception and Spiritual Values: The Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethics

Management Research Review

Indexing : Scopus Q1, WoS: ESCI, ‘C’ category journal in ABDC, impact factor 2.6, HEC X-Category.



The study aims to inspect the impact of employees’ perception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and their spiritual values on their affective commitment and job satisfaction, which in turn may promote organizational citizenship behavior. Furthermore, this study examines the moderating effect of Islamic work ethics to identify whether they strengthen or weaken the proposed associations.


A survey instrument was devised to collect data from employees. The statistical analysis of the data was conducted using the Smart PLS software. Additionally, the research uses the “Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM)” technique.


The findings of the study suggest that employees’ perception of CSR exhibits a positive association with affective commitment and job satisfaction. Likewise, employees’ spiritual values demonstrate a positive and significant correlation with affective commitment and job satisfaction. Finally, the outcomes reveal that affective commitment and job satisfaction play a major role in fostering organizational citizenship behavior. Moreover, Islamic work ethics positively and significantly moderate the relationship between employee CSR perception and affective commitment and between employee CSR perception and job satisfaction.


This research study endeavors to fill the gaps in the current literature by investigating two crucial aspects of employees: their perception of CSR and spiritual values. Additionally, the study includes Islamic work ethics as a moderator to provide a more comprehensive understanding of how these factors contribute to fostering organizational citizenship behavior. This work highlights the significance of spiritual values and social responsibilities in employees’ lives and how Islamic work ethics shape their behavior accordingly.


Islamic work ethics, Affective commitment, Organizational citizenship behavior, Organizational behavior, Corporate social responsibility, Job satisfaction, Hotel industry, Spiritual values, Smart PLS.

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