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Whether University Students Intent to Use Facebook for Social Capital Building? A PLS-SEM Approach

ASR: Chiang Mai University Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Social networking sites are powerful tools for forming relationships, enhancing cooperation, and facilitating the learning process. Today, students need to form associations and linkages with many people. It is essential to identify what encourages university students in Pakistan to use social media sites, in particular the popular platform Facebook. This article asks whether and how university students develop an intention to use Facebook and build social capital. Smart PLS was used for data analysis, and PLS-SEM was employed to assess measurements and structural models. It is argued that Facebook use intensity, perceived playfulness, bridging social capital, and bonding social capital all have positive and substantial effects on students developing an intention to use Facebook, which provides a valuable platform for formal and informal interactions. This article fulfills a gap in literature on higher education and social media. It explains the importance of social capital building through Facebook to the lives of university students. In addition, other factors are included for an in-depth understanding of students intention to continue using Facebook in Pakistan, which is a developing country where the internet and social media are increasing in popularity.


Facebook, Social capital, Social networking, University students, Smart PLS

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